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Remedial Unit

Our Purpose

The establishment of the Hillcrest Primary Remedial Unit in 2002 arose to meet the needs of the increasing number of children, both at Hillcrest and at neighbouring schools, requiring full-time specialised remedial intervention. Building the child’s self-esteem is as important as assisting them to overcome their specific learning difficulties.

Our Vision

To equip Hillcrest Primary Learners who have special educational needs with the confidence and skills to function to their full potential.

Special Features / Offerings

  • Grades 1– 7
  • Teacher / Pupil Ratio 1:15 (average)
  • Short-term remediation with the intention of returning the child to mainstream within 2—3 years
    Qualified, caring Remedial Educators
  • THRASS (Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills) a phonic and whole language approach to reading, writing and spelling using a visual modality in the Foundation Phase
  • Remedial Computer Centre – Twice-weekly sessions for Literacy and Numeracy practice
  • Individual Education Programmes
  • A flexible curriculum offering intensive language and numeracy, as well as computers, life-skills, physical education, design technology, art and music/drama
  • Full integration with the school: assemblies, playgrounds, extra-mural activities (sporting and cultural)
  • Bright, airy classrooms with modern furniture
  • Venues in which outside professionals and therapists conduct sessions arranged privately by parents, at own cost

Grade 1 – Information Booklet
Grade 2 – Information Booklet
Grade 3 – Information Booklet