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Parental Support


Parental Involvement Committee PIC Team)

Provides a supportive role at school in a number of areas: events and functions, fundraising initiatives, catering, collating and covering of books, regular lice checks, eco committee, sewing, etc. You can get involved as much, or as little, as you wish. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 07:30 in the Junior Primary staffroom.

Mum’s Who Care (Prayer Group)

This is part of a wider network of Christian Moms, Dads and Guardians across the country. Meetings take place on a weekly basis on Monday mornings 07:30-08:00, in the Junior Primary Staff Room.

HPS Kids Community

Hillcrest Primary School aims to become involved in the care and well-being of those in need by extending our responsibility within our school community. HPS Kids Community hopes to encourage our children to become adults who Care, are fully aware of societal challenges and have an appreciation of our country’s need for Community Responsibility.

Older students will have the opportunity to volunteer and take part in the running of HPS KidsCommunity. We hope to thereby encourage attributes such as responsibility, compassion, care, sharing and helping. The rationale being that we are contributing to raising children who as adults will respond to the needs of others.

HPS Kids Community operates with donations received through the school community, fundraising within the grades, as well as donations obtained from local businesses. We encourage parents, grannies, grandpas, guardians and especially Moms with a desire to become involved.


Cath Malcolm-Smith: social@hillcrestprimary.co.za
Donations: Hillcrest Primary KidsCommunity Account
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Hillcrest
Account number: 62203242946

HPS Kids Community Grocery List